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Fangs of the Living Dead

Fangs of the Living Dead (1969)
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A beautiful virgin inherits a castle, but when she arrives at it, she finds that the inhabitants include a strange nobleman and a bevy of beautiful women she suspects may be vampires.
Directed by: Amando de Ossorio
Year : 1969 | Duration : 88 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Anita Ekberg, Gianni Medici, Diana Lorys
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Paintball (2009)
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A group of young urban workaholics sign up for a weekend of paintballing to have some adventure. But the adrenaline-filled entertainment soon turns into a manhunt, in which they become the ...
Directed by: Daniel Benmayor
Year : 2009 | Duration : 86 min
Genre : Action, Thriller
Starring: Brendan Mackey, Jennifer Matter, Patrick Regis
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Dr. Orlof, a former prison doctor, abducts beautiful women from nightclubs and tries to use their skin to repair his daughter's fire-scarred face. He is assisted by Morpho, a deformed ...
Directed by: Jesús Franco
Year : 1962 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Conrado San Martín, Diana Lorys, Howard Vernon
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Borderline (2017)
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On the tenth year anniversary of their mother's death, two estranged sisters head to a mountain to scatter her ashes, but as they struggle to reconcile, their past begins merging into their...
Directed by: Pau Masó
Year : 2017 | Duration : 97 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Paula Ortiz, Mireia Vallès, Txema Lorente
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At her new job in a rundown children's hospital, a nurse desperately tries to keep her patients safe from a plague of random, mysterious attacks.
Directed by: Jaume Balagueró
Year : 2005 | Duration : 101 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Calista Flockhart, Richard Roxburgh, Elena Anaya
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Adopted by a treacherous semi-scientific cult where extraordinary mental powers are common, extraordinary 12-year-old David begins an archetypal journey across two continents to find his destiny as Child of the Moon.
Directed by: Agustí Villaronga
Year : 1989 | Duration : 118 min
Genre : Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Starring: Maribel Martín, Lisa Gerrard, Enrique Saldana
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Fausta is suffering from a rare disease called the Milk of Sorrow, which is transmitted through the breast milk of pregnant women who were abused or raped during or soon after pregnancy. ...
Directed by: Claudia Llosa
Year : 2009 | Duration : 95 min
Genre : Drama, Music
Starring: Magaly Solier, Susi Sánchez, Efraín Solís
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4 Dollars of Revenge

4 Dollars of Revenge (1966)
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Bandits ambush Capt. Roy Dexter of the U.S. Cavalry while he and his men escort a fortune in Confederate gold coins. Only Dexter survives the attack. He's subsequently sentenced to life in ...
Directed by: Jaime Jesús Balcázar
Year : 1966 | Duration : 89 min
Genre : Western
Starring: Robert Woods, Dana Ghia, Angelo Infanti
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A team of researchers travel into the African jungle to study the mysterious disappearance of elephants in the area. Instead they discover a tribe of voodoo-zombies who rise from the ground...
Directed by: Amando de Ossorio
Year : 1974 | Duration : 80 min
Genre : Adventure, Horror
Starring: Simón Andreu, Kali Hansa, María Kosty
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The Legend of Blood Castle

The Legend of Blood Castle (1973)
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The ageing Countess discovers that the blood of a maid can temporarily restore her youth and great beauty. She falls in love with a dashing young soldier but is compelled to kill again and ...
Directed by: Jorge Grau
Year : 1973 | Duration : 102 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Lucia Bosé, Espartaco Santoni, Ewa Aulin
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A wealthy author's second wife begins to suspect that her 12 year old stepson may have murdered his mother, who mysteriously died in a bathtub accident.
Directed by: James Kelley, Andrea Bianchi
Year : 1972 | Duration : 89 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Mark Lester, Britt Ekland, Hardy Krüger
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Beneath Still Waters

Beneath Still Waters (2005)
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In 1965, in Northern Spain, a dam will be built to bring progress to the location of Desbaria and the town of Marienbad is near to be completely flooded. Two boys, Teo and Luis, cross the ...
Directed by: Brian Yuzna
Year : 2005 | Duration : 92 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Michael McKell, Raquel Meroño, Charlotte Salt
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A man gets trapped inside a telephone box and nobody is able to free him.
Directed by: Antonio Mercero
Year : 1972 | Duration : 35 min
Genre : Comedy, Horror, Short
Starring: José Luis López Vázquez, Agustín González, Goyo Lebrero
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Emilio, a shy, not too brilliant pupil at a humble local secondary school, has always harbored a secret love for Natalia, the cutest, brightest girl in the class. On the last day of the ...
Directed by: Fernando González Molina
Year : 2009 | Duration : 104 min
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Starring: Mario Casas, Alberto Amarilla, Amaia Salamanca
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Having a child don't make you happy, but they didn't know it. It has been two months without sleeping, eating, making love or living, and it's breaking them, they are in really bad place. A...
Directed by: Eduardo Casanova
Year : 2014 | Duration : 17 min
Genre : Horror, Short
Starring: Macarena Gómez, Gonzalo Kindelán, Aria Wrana
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