The Wolf Mountains

The Wolf Mountains (2013)
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As night falls, an ethereal mist creeps over a forest cover as old as the world itself. The primeval howl of a wolf echoes across the mountains, followed by another and yet another wolf. ...
Directed by: Erik Baláz
Year : 2013 | Duration : 48 min
Genre : Documentary
Starring: Erik Baláz, Russell Boulter, Jozef Fiala
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Sorority Murder

Sorority Murder (2015)
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Girl anxious to get away & start new at college. She's vulnerable. Grows suspicious of everyone & everything when each one of her newfound "friends" seemingly suspects her for the murder.
Directed by: Jesse James Miller
Year : 2015 | Duration : 89 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Scarlett Byrne, Nicole Muñoz, Sarah Dugdale
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Shame (2011)
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In New York City, Brandon's carefully cultivated private life -- which allows him to indulge his sexual addiction -- is disrupted when his sister arrives unannounced for an indefinite stay.
Directed by: Steve McQueen
Year : 2011 | Duration : 101 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Carey Mulligan, James Badge Dale
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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)
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Scott Pilgrim must defeat his new girlfriend's seven evil exes in order to win her heart.
Directed by: Edgar Wright
Year : 2010 | Duration : 112 min
Genre : Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance
Starring: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Kieran Culkin
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Mr. Turner

Mr. Turner (2014)
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An exploration of the last quarter century of the great, if eccentric, British painter J.M.W. Turner's life.
Directed by: Mike Leigh
Year : 2014 | Duration : 150 min
Genre : Drama, Biography, History
Starring: Timothy Spall, Paul Jesson, Dorothy Atkinson
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Killer Mountain

Killer Mountain (2011)
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Directed by: Sheldon Wilson
Year : 2011 | Duration : 85 min
Genre : Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Aaron Douglas, Paul Campbell, Curtis Caravaggio
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Kick-Ass 2

Kick-Ass 2 (2013)
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The costumed high-school hero Kick-Ass joins with a group of normal citizens who have been inspired to fight crime in costume. Meanwhile, the Red Mist plots an act of revenge that will affect everyone Kick-Ass knows.
Directed by: Jeff Wadlow
Year : 2013 | Duration : 103 min
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Chloë Grace Moretz, Christopher Mintz-Plasse
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Anomalisa (2015)
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A man crippled by the mundanity of his life experiences something out of the ordinary.
Directed by: Duke Johnson, Charlie Kaufman
Year : 2015 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Animation, Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: David Thewlis, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Noonan
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Judgment Night

Judgment Night (1993)
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When they took the wrong turn, it lead them to witnessing a murder, which left them running for their lives from the perpetrators.
Directed by: Stephen Hopkins
Year : 1993 | Duration : 110 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Thriller
Starring: Emilio Estevez, Cuba Gooding Jr., Denis Leary
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Weapons of Mass Distraction

Weapons of Mass Distraction (1997)
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Two media moguls get into a nasty power struggle for the ownership of a pro football team which takes a drastic effect on their personal and professional lives.
Directed by: Stephen Surjik
Year : 1997 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama
Starring: Gabriel Byrne, Ben Kingsley, Mimi Rogers
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Top Five

Top Five (2014)
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A comedian tries to make it as a serious actor when his reality-TV star fiancée talks him into broadcasting their wedding on her TV show.
Directed by: Chris Rock
Year : 2014 | Duration : 102 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Chris Rock, Rosario Dawson, Gabrielle Union
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This Changes Everything

This Changes Everything (2015)
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A look at seven communities around the world with the proposition that we can seize the crisis of climate change to transform our failed economic system into something radically better.
Directed by: Avi Lewis
Year : 2015 | Duration : 89 min
Genre : Documentary
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The Boxtrolls

The Boxtrolls (2014)
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A young orphaned boy raised by underground cave-dwelling trash collectors tries to save his friends from an evil exterminator. Based on the children's novel 'Here Be Monsters' by Alan Snow.
Directed by: Graham Annable, Anthony Stacchi
Year : 2014 | Duration : 96 min
Genre : Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Family
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Jared Harris, Nick Frost
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Tanna (2015)
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Set on a remote Pacific island, covered in rain forest and dominated by an active volcano, this heartfelt story, enacted by the Yakel tribe, tells of a sister's loyalty, a forbidden love affair and the pact between the old ways and the new.
Directed by: Martin Butler, Bentley Dean
Year : 2015 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama, Romance
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Of Men and War

Of Men and War (2014)
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The warriors in Of Men and War have come home to the United States, but their minds remain on the battlefield. Anger consumes them long after their return from the front. Like figures from ...
Directed by: Laurent Bécue-Renard
Year : 2014 | Duration : 142 min
Genre : Documentary, History, War
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