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Friends of Mine

Friends of Mine (2013)
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Friends of Mine is a feature length documentary that chronicles the experiences of several young men who take part in a summer camp for the developmentally disabled population. The goal of ...
Directed by: Matthew Palmer
Year : 2013 | Duration : 62 min
Genre : Drama, Documentary
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Maria Bamford: Old Baby

Maria Bamford: Old Baby (2017)
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Directed by: Jessica Yu
Year : 2017 | Duration : 64 min
Genre : Comedy, Documentary
Starring: Maria Bamford, Rhea Butcher, Melinda Hill
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The Secret KGB Paranormal Files

The Secret KGB Paranormal Files (2001)
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This program investigates the probes and projects sponsored by the KGB to look into paranormal matters. Viewers will learn much about the KGB's view of American history and the effects ...
Year : 2001 | Duration : 87 min
Genre : Documentary
Starring: Roger Moore, Mehmet Ali Agca, Eugene Alper
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I Am Heath Ledger

I Am Heath Ledger (2017)
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I Am Heath Ledger is a feature length documentary celebrating the life of Heath Ledger: actor, artist and icon. The documentary provides an intimate look at Heath Ledger through the lens of his own camera as he films and often performs in his own personal journey.
Directed by: Adrian Buitenhuis, Derik Murray
Year : 2017 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Biography, Documentary
Starring: Heath Ledger, Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn
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Degrees North

Degrees North (2015)
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Degrees North mixes hair-raising action footage of leading freeriders with a story of adventure and discovery. World-renowned freeriders Xavier De Le Rue, Samuel Anthamatten and Ralph ...
Year : 2015 | Duration : 54 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Documentary, Sport
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Freeload (2014)
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Director Daniel Skaggs, spent a year and a half documenting the people riding America's freight trains in the 21st century. What he brings to the screen is FREELOAD, a story of adventure, class disparity and the survival of youth.
Directed by: Daniel T. Skaggs
Year : 2014 | Duration : 65 min
Genre : Adventure, Documentary
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On 8 November 2013, the city Tacloban on Leyte Island, Philippines, was largely destroyed by Typhoon Haiyan, causing the death of 6,201 people.
Directed by: Lav Diaz
Year : 2014 | Duration : 143 min
Genre : Documentary
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Generation Iron 2

Generation Iron 2 (2017)
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Filmmaker Vlad Yudin follows several body builders as they struggle to find success in a competitive industry.
Directed by: Vlad Yudin
Year : 2017 | Duration : 106 min
Genre : Documentary
Starring: Kai Greene, Rich Piana, Calum Von Moger
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Mommy Dead and Dearest

Mommy Dead and Dearest (2017)
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In this documentary, the murder of Deedee Blanchard by her daughter Gypsey Rose is explored, as well as the circumstances leading up to the event.
Directed by: Erin Lee Carr
Year : 2017 | Duration : 82 min
Genre : Documentary
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Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive

Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive (2017)
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In his first special since the near fatal car accident, Tracy Morgan jokes about life in a coma, his second marriage and the dark side of the family.
Directed by: Ryan Polito
Year : 2017 | Duration : 60 min
Genre : Comedy, Documentary
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The Free Man

The Free Man (2016)
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Freedom is defined as the power of self-determination attributed to the will; the quality of being independent of fate or necessity. To reach that level of liberty is a physical and mental ...
Directed by: Toa Fraser
Year : 2016 | Duration : 84 min
Genre : Action, Documentary, Sport
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Dane Cook: Troublemaker

Dane Cook: Troublemaker (2014)
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Dane Cook performs a standup routine that skewers aspects of every day life and human behavior.
Directed by: Dane Cook
Year : 2014 | Duration : 78 min
Genre : Comedy, Documentary
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Medicine of the Wolf

Medicine of the Wolf (2015)
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Filmmaker Julia Huffman travels to Minnesota and into "wolf country" to pursue the deep intrinsic value of brother wolf and our forgotten promise to him.
Directed by: Julia Huffman
Year : 2015 | Duration : 74 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Documentary
Starring: Jim Brandenburg, Jane Goodall, Saginaw Grant
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The Blackout Experiments

The Blackout Experiments (2016)
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This documentary follows a group of people who discover the ultra-scary, psycho-sexual horror experience Blackout, and develop an obsession that hijacks their lives and blurs the line between reality and paranoid fantasy.
Directed by: Rich Fox
Year : 2016 | Duration : 78 min
Genre : Horror, Documentary
Starring: Andrew Gallagher, Allison Fogarty, Bob Glouberman
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I Am Giant

I Am Giant (2015)
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Showtime documentary about the life, and career of NFL wide receiver Victor Cruz.
Directed by: Gotham Chopra
Year : 2015
Genre : Biography, Documentary, Sport
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