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Sugar Boxx

Sugar Boxx (2009)
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Sugar State Women's Prison. An Everglades hellhole where innocent girls are forced to slave in the swamps by day then turn tricks for the warden by night. A prison camp where corruption, ...
Directed by: Cody Jarrett
Year : 2009 | Duration : 86 min
Genre : Crime, Drama
Starring: Geneviere Anderson, Thela Brown, Linda Dona
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The Jayne Mansfield Story

The Jayne Mansfield Story (1980)
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The gaudy rise and dizzy fall of the last great Hollywood blonde bombshell: Jayne Mansfield.
Directed by: Dick Lowry
Year : 1980 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama, Biography
Starring: Loni Anderson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ray Buktenica
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The Liquidator

The Liquidator (1965)
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Colonel Mostyn is the chief of a section of the British Security Services when they are embarrassed by the number of spies and defections. The Chief tells him to do something about it so he...
Directed by: Jack Cardiff
Year : 1965 | Duration : 105 min
Genre : Action, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Rod Taylor, Trevor Howard, Jill St. John
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Gangs of Wasseypur

Gangs of Wasseypur (2012)
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A son seeks vengeance when his father is killed by a coal mine owner.
Directed by: Anurag Kashyap
Year : 2012 | Duration : 320 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Manoj Bajpai, Richa Chadda, Nawazuddin Siddiqui
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Phar Lap

Phar Lap (1983)
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The true story of a Australian racehorse that becomes a champion with the help of a local stableboy.
Directed by: Simon Wincer
Year : 1993 | Duration : 107 min
Genre : Drama, Biography, Family
Starring: Tom Burlinson, Judy Morris, Richard Morgan
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Toy Soldiers

Toy Soldiers (1991)
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When terrorists seize control of a boarding school, a group of troublemaking boys decide to resist them.
Directed by: Daniel Petrie Jr.
Year : 1991 | Duration : 111 min
Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Sean Astin, Wil Wheaton, Keith Coogan
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Kuso (2017)
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Events unfold after a devastating earthquake in Los Angeles.
Directed by: Flying Lotus
Year : 2017 | Duration : 105 min
Genre : Drama, Horror
Starring: Hannibal Buress, George Clinton, David Firth
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The young, pretty and shy Angela Duvall is jailed for murder in a Brazilian prison. Whilst there she is brutally "initiated" by the other inmates. The nice, honest and handsome prison ...
Directed by: Michele Massimo Tarantini
Year : 1984 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Suzane Carvalho, Rossana Ghessa, Gloria Cristal
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Locusts (2005)
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Dr. Maddy Rierdon, an investigator for the Department of Agriculture, is the only person who can protect America from a deadly breed of bioengineered locusts.
Directed by: David Jackson
Year : 2005 | Duration : 95 min
Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Lucy Lawless, John Heard, Dylan Neal
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Dil To Pagal Hai

Dil To Pagal Hai (1997)
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The story of four lovers: Rahul, Ajay, Pooja, and Nisha. This Yash Chopra fantasy explores romance as the days go on, and who live in a really nice dream house while their dreams come true.
Directed by: Yash Chopra
Year : 1997 | Duration : 179 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Karisma Kapoor
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Age of Consent

Age of Consent (1969)
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An elderly artist thinks he has become too stale and is past his prime. His friend (and agent) persuades him to go to an off-shore island to try once more. On the island he rediscovers his ...
Directed by: Michael Powell
Year : 1969 | Duration : 98 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Biography, Romance
Starring: James Mason, Helen Mirren, Jack MacGowran
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Urban Ghost Story

Urban Ghost Story (1998)
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After a car accident, Lizzie lies dead on the roadside - slowly she is taken into the light - but is pulled back to earth when she is revived by the doctors. Lizzie feels sure that during ...
Directed by: Geneviève Jolliffe
Year : 1998 | Duration : 82 min
Genre : Drama, Horror
Starring: Jason Connery, Stephanie Buttle, Heather Ann Foster
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Giant from the Unknown

Giant from the Unknown (1958)
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A very large, degenerate, Spanish conqueror is freed from suspended animation by lightning and goes on a killing spree in a small town.
Directed by: Richard E. Cunha
Year : 1958 | Duration : 77 min
Genre : Drama, Horror
Starring: Ed Kemmer, Sally Fraser, Bob Steele
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Cry, the Beloved Country

Cry, the Beloved Country (1951)
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In the back country of South Africa, black minister Stephen Kumalo (Canada Lee) journeys to the city to search for his missing son, only to find his people living in squalor and his son a ...
Directed by: Zoltan Korda
Year : 1951 | Duration : 103 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Canada Lee, Sidney Poitier, Charles Carson
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Confidential Assignment

Confidential Assignment (2017)
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When a crime organization from North Korea crosses borders and enters South Korean soil, a South Korean detective must cooperate with a North Korean detective to investigate their whereabouts.
Directed by: Sung-hoon Kim
Year : 2017 | Duration : 125 min
Genre : Action, Comedy, Drama
Starring: Hyun Bin, Young-nam Jang, Ju-hyuk Kim
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