Manhattan Melodrama

Manhattan Melodrama (1934)
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The friendship between two orphans endures even though they grow up on opposite sides of the law and fall in love with the same woman.
Directed by: W.S. Van Dyke
Year : 1934 | Duration : 93 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Romance
Starring: Clark Gable, William Powell, Myrna Loy
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Manhattan Love Suicides

Manhattan Love Suicides (1985)
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Directed by: Richard Kern
Year : 1985
Genre : Drama, Short
Starring: William Rice, David Wojnarowicz, Nick Zedd
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Directed by: Ernst Lubitsch
Year : 1918 | Duration : 63 min
Genre : Drama, Horror
Starring: Pola Negri, Harry Liedtke, Emil Jannings
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Top Secret!

Top Secret! (1984)
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Parody of WWII spy movies in which an American rock and roll singer becomes involved in a Resistance plot to rescue a scientist imprisoned in East Germany.
Directed by: Jim Abrahams, David Zucker
Year : 1984 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Action, Comedy, Romance, Music
Starring: Val Kilmer, Lucy Gutteridge, Peter Cushing
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Just Before Dawn

Just Before Dawn (1981)
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Five campers arrive in the mountains to examine some property they have bought, but are warned by the forest ranger Roy McLean that a huge machete-wielding maniac has been terrorising the ...
Directed by: Jeff Lieberman
Year : 1981 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: George Kennedy, Mike Kellin, Chris Lemmon
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The MacKintosh Man

The MacKintosh Man (1973)
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A member of British Intelligence assumes a fictitious criminal identity and allows himself to be caught, imprisoned, and freed in order to infiltrate a spy organization and expose a traitor.
Directed by: John Huston
Year : 1973 | Duration : 98 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Paul Newman, Dominique Sanda, James Mason
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The Captain's Table

The Captain's Table (1959)
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A ship's captain is promoted by his company from tramp steamers to their flagship passenger liner. Although he is a thoroughly competent sailor ready to take charge of such a ship, he is ...
Directed by: Jack Lee
Year : 1959 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: John Gregson, Peggy Cummins, Donald Sinden
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The Savage Seven

The Savage Seven (1968)
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Mad bikers storm through an Indian reservation just to have a good ol' time.
Directed by: Richard Rush
Year : 1968 | Duration : 94 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Robert Walker Jr., Joanna Frank, John Garwood
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Thirteen Conversations About One Thing

Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001)
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In New York City, the lives of a lawyer, an actuary, a house-cleaner, a professor, and the people around them intersect as they ponder order and happiness in the face. of life's cold unpredictability.
Directed by: Jill Sprecher
Year : 2001 | Duration : 104 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Alan Arkin, John Turturro, Matthew McConaughey
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Run of the Arrow

Run of the Arrow (1957)
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A Rebel vet, O'Meara has refused to surrender when Lee does at Appomatox. O'Meara travels west and after escaping from, he joins the Sioux and takes a wife. After denouncing himself as an ...
Directed by: Samuel Fuller
Year : 1957 | Duration : 86 min
Genre : Western
Starring: Rod Steiger, Sara Montiel, Brian Keith
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Dil To Pagal Hai

Dil To Pagal Hai (1997)
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The story of four lovers: Rahul, Ajay, Pooja, and Nisha. This Yash Chopra fantasy explores romance as the days go on, and who live in a really nice dream house while their dreams come true.
Directed by: Yash Chopra
Year : 1997 | Duration : 179 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
Starring: Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, Karisma Kapoor
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Directed by: Johanna Vuoksenmaa
Year : 2013 | Duration : 89 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Pamela Tola, Anna Maria Pie, Jarkko Niemi
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Mike's Murder

Mike's Murder (1984)
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Betty has a crush on her tennis coach Mike. He keeps on promising to call, but never does - she doesn't know that he's a little dealer. After a failed deal in someone else's district he has...
Directed by: James Bridges
Year : 1984 | Duration : 109 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Debra Winger, Mark Keyloun, Darrell Larson
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Walking Tall 2: The Payback

Walking Tall 2: The Payback (2007)
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A man goes back to his hometown that is now overrun with crime and single-handedly takes justice into his own hands.
Directed by: Tripp Reed
Year : 2007 | Duration : 88 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Kevin Sorbo, Richard Dillard, Gail Cronauer
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The Great Race

The Great Race (1965)
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Comedy about an early 20th century car race across three continents.
Directed by: Blake Edwards
Year : 1965 | Duration : 160 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Family, Musical, Romance, Sport, Western
Starring: Tony Curtis, Natalie Wood, Jack Lemmon
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