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Once Upon a Time in China and America

Once Upon a Time in China and America (1997)
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The story is set in both Hong Kong and the U.S. So goes to the U.S. to open a martial arts school. Around this time, many Chinese people were sold off to U.S. railroad companies, and were ...
Directed by: Sammo Hung Kam-Bo
Year : 1997 | Duration : 102 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, History, Western
Starring: Jet Li, Rosamund Kwan, Xin Xin Xiong
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Precious Find

Precious Find (1996)
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Three adventurers leave Moon City and head towards the asteroids in search of gold.
Directed by: Philippe Mora
Year : 1996 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Adventure, Sci-Fi, Western
Starring: Rutger Hauer, Joan Chen, Harold Pruett
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Dead 7

Dead 7 (2016)
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This is a post-apocalyptic Western that follows a group of gunslingers as they look to rid a small town of a zombie plague.
Directed by: Danny Roew
Year : 2016 | Duration : 120 min
Genre : Horror, Western
Starring: Nick Carter, Carrie Keagan, Joey Fatone
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A Knife for the Ladies

A Knife for the Ladies (1974)
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A mutilating knife-killer haunts the small Southwest-desert town of Mescal. Though most victims have been prostitutes, the first was none other than Travis Mescal, the only son of the ...
Directed by: Larry G. Spangler
Year : 1974 | Duration : 86 min
Genre : Horror, Western
Starring: Jack Elam, Ruth Roman, Jeff Cooper
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They Came to Cordura

They Came to Cordura (1959)
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An army major, himself guilty of cowardice, is asked to recommended soldiers for the Congressional Medal of Honor during the Mexican Border Incursion of 1916.
Directed by: Robert Rossen
Year : 1959 | Duration : 123 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama, History, War, Western
Starring: Gary Cooper, Rita Hayworth, Van Heflin
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The Shootist

The Shootist (1976)
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A dying gunfighter spends his last days looking for a way to die with a minimum of pain and a maximum of dignity.
Directed by: Don Siegel
Year : 1976 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama, Western
Starring: John Wayne, Lauren Bacall, Ron Howard
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Gunmen from Laredo

Gunmen from Laredo (1959)
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After Ben Keefer kills Gil Reardon's wife, Reardon seeks revenge. To get to Keefer he has to outdraw one of Keefer's henchmen. But Keefer makes it look like murder amd he is convicted and ...
Directed by: Wallace MacDonald
Year : 1959 | Duration : 67 min
Genre : Western
Starring: Robert Knapp, Maureen Hingert, Walter Coy
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Love's Long Journey

Love's Long Journey (2005)
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Missie's surprise pregnancy sets her on a new course that is both thrilling and terrifying. After all the planning and dreaming...
Directed by: Michael Landon Jr.
Year : 2005 | Duration : 88 min
Genre : Drama, Western
Starring: Erin Cottrell, Logan Bartholomew, William Morgan Sheppard
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The Broken Star

The Broken Star (1956)
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A deputy marshal is ordered to investigate the killing of a Mexican ranch hand by a fellow deputy, who claims self-defense. Using turn of the century forensic science and dogged ...
Directed by: Lesley Selander
Year : 1956 | Duration : 82 min
Genre : Romance, Western
Starring: Howard Duff, Lita Baron, Bill Williams
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Santa Fe

Santa Fe (1951)
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After their service in the Civil War, four brothers go their separate ways, but later find themselves on opposite sides of a final showdown.
Directed by: Irving Pichel
Year : 1951 | Duration : 87 min
Genre : Action, Romance, Western
Starring: Randolph Scott, Janis Carter, Jerome Courtland
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Mackenna's Gold

Mackenna's Gold (1969)
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The gangster Colorado kidnaps Marshal McKenna. He believes that McKenna has seen a map which leads to a rich vein of gold in the mountains and forces him to show him the way...
Directed by: J. Lee Thompson
Year : 1969 | Duration : 128 min
Genre : Romance, Western
Starring: Gregory Peck, Omar Sharif, Telly Savalas
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Gun Fury

Gun Fury (1953)
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In Arizona, Frank Slayton's gang robs a stagecoach and kidnaps Ben Warren's fiancée, prompting Warren to pursue Slayton.
Directed by: Raoul Walsh
Year : 1953 | Duration : 83 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Crime, Romance, Western
Starring: Rock Hudson, Donna Reed, Philip Carey
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Escort West

Escort West (1958)
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An ex-Confederate officer and his young daughter, traveling West, rescue two women survivors of an Indian attack.
Directed by: Francis D. Lyon
Year : 1958 | Duration : 75 min
Genre : Western
Starring: Victor Mature, Elaine Stewart, Faith Domergue
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Rancho Deluxe

Rancho Deluxe (1975)
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Two drifters, of widely varying backgrounds, rustle cattle and try to avoid being caught in contemporary Montana.
Directed by: Frank Perry
Year : 1975 | Duration : 93 min
Genre : Comedy, Romance, Western
Starring: Jeff Bridges, Sam Waterston, Elizabeth Ashley
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War Drums

War Drums (1957)
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The friendship between a white man and an Apache chief is tested when they fall in love with the same woman during a time of frontier conflict.
Directed by: Reginald Le Borg
Year : 1957 | Duration : 75 min
Genre : Action, Drama, Romance, Western
Starring: Lex Barker, Joan Taylor, Ben Johnson
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