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The Mule

The Mule (2014)
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A first time drug mule is caught by law enforcement.
Directed by: Tony Mahony, Angus Sampson
Year : 2014 | Duration : 103 min
Genre : Crime
Starring: Hugo Weaving, Angus Sampson, Leigh Whannell
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Oliver, Stoned.

Oliver, Stoned. (2014)
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The world's biggest stoner, Oliver, loses a high profile car, forcing him to steal an ice cream truck and enlist his wacky friends to help track down the thief before it's too late.
Directed by: Tom Morris
Year : 2014
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Brea Grant, Ryan Malgarini, Skylan Brooks
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The Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything (2014)
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A look at the relationship between the famous physicist
Directed by: James Marsh
Year : 2014 | Duration : 123 min
Genre : Drama, Biography, Romance
Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Felicity Jones, Tom Prior
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Through a hidden path a lone rider reaches a little town high up in the Alpes. Nobody knows where the stranger comes from, nor what he wants there. But everyone knows that they don't want him to stay.
Directed by: Andreas Prochaska
Year : 2014 | Duration : 114 min
Genre : Western
Starring: Sam Riley, Tobias Moretti, Helmuth Häusler
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All Relative

All Relative (2014)
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Things couldn't be going better for Harry and Grace, a young New York City couple in love, until Grace's mother turns Harry's world upside down.
Directed by: J.C. Khoury
Year : 2014 | Duration : 85 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: Connie Nielsen, Jonathan Sadowski, Sara Paxton
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Reach Me

Reach Me (2014)
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A motivational book written by a mysterious man quickly gains popularity, inspiring a group of people that includes a journalist, his editor, a former inmate, a hip-hop mogul, an actor and an undercover cop to re-evaluate their choices and decisions by confronting their fears in hopes of creating more positive lives.
Directed by: John Herzfeld
Year : 2014 | Duration : 95 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Lauren Cohan, Kyra Sedgwick, Thomas Jane
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Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B

Aaliyah: The Princess of R&B (2014)
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The story of music and video star Aaliyah, whose life ended tragically in a 2001 plane crash in the Bahamas.
Directed by: Bradley Walsh
Year : 2014
Genre : Drama, Biography, Music
Starring: Alexandra Shipp, Elise Neal, Clé Bennett
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Dragons of Camelot

Dragons of Camelot (2014)
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The Kingdom of Camelot is plunged into darkness after the death of noble King Arthur, as the reign of his cruel sorceress sister, Morgan, begins. Commanding three deadly dragons with her ...
Directed by: Mark L. Lester
Year : 2014 | Duration : 80 min
Genre : Fantasy
Starring: Alexandra Evans, Mark Griffin, James Nitti
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As Above, So Below

As Above, So Below (2014)
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When a team of explorers ventures into the catacombs that lie beneath the streets of Paris, they uncover the dark secret that lies within this city of the dead.
Directed by: John Erick Dowdle
Year : 2014 | Duration : 93 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Perdita Weeks, Ben Feldman, Edwin Hodge
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Before I Go to Sleep

Before I Go to Sleep (2014)
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A woman wakes up every day, remembering nothing as a result of a traumatic accident in her past. One day, new terrifying truths emerge that force her to question everyone around her.
Directed by: Rowan Joffe
Year : 2014 | Duration : 92 min
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Nicole Kidman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong
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Playing It Cool

Playing It Cool (2014)
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Unrequited love motivates a guy to write about his experiences.
Directed by: Justin Reardon
Year : 2014 | Duration : 120 min
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Starring: Chris Evans, Michelle Monaghan, Aubrey Plaza
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St. Vincent

St. Vincent (2014)
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A young boy whose parents have just divorced finds an unlikely friend and mentor in the misanthropic, bawdy, hedonistic war veteran who lives next door.
Directed by: Theodore Melfi
Year : 2014 | Duration : 102 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Bill Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Naomi Watts
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Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots (2013)
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A queen who lost three kingdoms. A wife who lost three husbands. A woman who lost her head.
Directed by: Thomas Imbach
Year : 2013 | Duration : 119 min
Genre : Drama, Biography, Romance
Starring: Camille Rutherford, Sean Biggerstaff, Aneurin Barnard
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Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes (2014)
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A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.
Directed by: Kevin Kolsch, Dennis Widmyer
Year : 2014 | Duration : 98 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Alex Essoe, Amanda Fuller, Noah Segan
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The Guest

The Guest (2014)
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A soldier introduces himself to the Peterson family, claiming to be a friend of their son who died in action. After the young man is welcomed into their home, a series of accidental deaths seem to be connected to his presence.
Directed by: Adam Wingard
Year : 2014 | Duration : 99 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Dan Stevens, Sheila Kelley, Maika Monroe
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