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A woman recovering from a car accident in which she lost her unborn child finds herself pursued by a coven of devil worshipers.
Directed by: Sergio Martino
Duration : 94 min
Genre : Horror, Mystery
Starring: George Hilton, Edwige Fenech, Ivan Rassimov
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Super Fly

Super Fly (1972)
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The daily routine of cocaine dealer Priest who wants to score one more super deal and retire.
Directed by: Gordon Parks Jr.
Duration : 93 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Starring: Ron O'Neal, Carl Lee, Sheila Frazier
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Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? (1972)
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A demented widow lures unsuspecting children into her mansion in a bizarre "Hansel and Gretel" twist.
Directed by: Curtis Harrington
Duration : 91 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Shelley Winters, Mark Lester, Chloe Franks
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The Harder They Come

The Harder They Come (1972)
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Wishing to become a successful Reggae singer, a young Jamaican man finds himself tied to corrupt record producers and drug pushers.
Directed by: Perry Henzell
Duration : 103 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Music
Starring: Jimmy Cliff, Janet Bartley, Carl Bradshaw
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The Pied Piper

The Pied Piper (1972)
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Greed, corruption, ignorance, and disease. Midsummer, 1349: the Black Death reaches northern Germany. Minstrels go to Hamelin for the Mayor's daughter's wedding to the Baron's son. He wants...
Directed by: Jacques Demy
Duration : 86 min
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Musical
Starring: Keith Buckley, Patsy Puttnam, Arthur Hewlett
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Two martial arts schools prepare for an important tournament.
Directed by: Chang-hwa Jeong
Duration : 104 min
Genre : Action, Drama, Romance
Starring: Lieh Lo, Ping Wang, Hsiung Chao
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A psychologist is sent to a space station orbiting an alien planet in order to discover what has caused the crew to go insane.
Directed by: Andrey Tarkovskiy
Duration : 167 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi, Mystery
Starring: Natalya Bondarchuk, Donatas Banionis, Jüri Järvet
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Slaughterhouse-Five (1972)
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A man tells his story of how he became unstuck in time and abducted by aliens.
Directed by: George Roy Hill
Duration : 104 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, War
Starring: Michael Sacks, Ron Leibman, Eugene Roche
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Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan

Intimate Confessions of a Chinese Courtesan (1972)
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The Four Seasons Brothel is run by a ruthless madam, Lady Chun Yi. Countless young girls have been kidnapped or bought and then sold into a life of servitude, prostitution, and torture at ...
Directed by: Yuen Chor
Duration : 86 min
Genre : Action, Drama
Starring: Lily Ho, Hua Yueh, Betty Pei Ti
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Young Winston

Young Winston (1972)
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This historical drama is an account of the early life of British politician Winston Churchill (Simon Ward), including his childhood years, his time as a war correspondent in Africa, and ...
Directed by: Richard Attenborough
Duration : 157 min
Genre : Drama, Biography, War
Starring: Robert Shaw, Anne Bancroft, Simon Ward
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Sweet Sugar

Sweet Sugar (1972)
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Prostitute Sugar is set up by a corrupt politician. She is convinced of the futility of appealing her case in the courts and signs on to a chain gang run by the notorious Dr. John who ...
Directed by: Michel Levesque
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Crime
Starring: Phyllis Davis, Ellaraino, Timothy Brown
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Shaft's Big Score!

Shaft's Big Score! (1972)
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Shaft is back to find the murderer of an old friend on the cold hard city streets with a little help from his new friends.
Directed by: Gordon Parks
Duration : 104 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Richard Roundtree, Moses Gunn, Drew Bundini Brown
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Sitting Target

Sitting Target (1972)
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Imprisoned Harry Lomart is a vicious, brute of a man and yet he is prepared to do his long jail term as he is confident that on his release his beautiful wife Pat will be waiting for him, but a visit from Pat brings him his worst nightmare.
Directed by: Douglas Hickox
Duration : 93 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Oliver Reed, Jill St. John, Ian McShane
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Shirley Thompson Versus the Aliens

Shirley Thompson Versus the Aliens (1972)
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A group of aliens plans to invade Australia as a means of taking over the Earth. In order to communicate with the people of Earth, they bring a statue of the long-dead Duke of Edinburgh to life.
Directed by: Jim Sharman
Duration : 80 min
Genre : Comedy, Sci-Fi
Starring: Jane Harders, June Collis, Tim Elliott
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Play It Again, Sam

Play It Again, Sam (1972)
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A neurotic film critic tries to get over his wife leaving him by dating again, much by the help of a married couple and his alter ego, Humphrey Bogart.
Directed by: Herbert Ross
Duration : 85 min
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Starring: Woody Allen, Diane Keaton, Tony Roberts
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