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Thomas, a very intelligent and resourceful child, is left alone with his beloved and fragile granddad on Christmas Eve, when a psychopath dressed as Santa Claus breaks into their mansion ...
Directed by: René Manzor
Duration : 87 min
Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Brigitte Fossey, Louis Ducreux, Patrick Floersheim
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The Chilling

The Chilling (1989)
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The bodies at a cryogenic centre are defrosted by accident and turn into cannibalistic zombies.
Directed by: Deland Nuse, Jack A. Sunseri
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Linda Blair, Dan Haggerty, Troy Donahue
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The Return of Swamp Thing

The Return of Swamp Thing (1989)
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The Swamp Thing returns to battle the evil Dr. Arcane, who has a new science lab full of creatures transformed by genetic mutation, and chooses Heather Locklear as his new object of ...
Directed by: Jim Wynorski
Duration : 88 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: Dick Durock, Heather Locklear, Louis Jourdan
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Bloodfist (1989)
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Don Wilson plays retired kickboxer Jake Raye, who travels to Manila, where his brother is favored to win a kickboxing competition. His brother is killed, and Jake realizes he must enter the...
Directed by: Terence H. Winkless
Duration : 85 min
Genre : Action, Sport
Starring: Don Wilson, Joe Mari Avellana, Rob Kaman
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Bloodfight (1989)
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Years after retiring from the world of free fighting martial arts, a man returns to the deadly world of fighting after his best student is killed in the tournament.
Directed by: Shuji Goto
Duration : 100 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama
Starring: Yasuaki Kurata, Simon Yam, Meg Lam
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The true chilling story of the "two of a kind", killin' cousins Angelo Buono and Kenneth Bianchi, better known as the Hillside Stranglers, is told in this TV drama. The movie concentrates ...
Directed by: Steve Gethers
Duration : 120 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Richard Crenna, Dennis Farina, Billy Zane
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The Littlest Victims

The Littlest Victims (1989)
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A true account of the life of pioneering AIDS doctor James Oleske.
Directed by: Peter Levin
Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Lewis Arlt, Graham Brown, William Cain
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Wicked Stepmother

Wicked Stepmother (1989)
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A mother/daughter pair of witches descend on a yuppie family's home and cause havoc, one at a time since they share one body & the other must live in a cat the rest of the time. Now it's up...
Directed by: Larry Cohen
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Comedy, Fantasy
Starring: Bette Davis, Barbara Carrera, Colleen Camp
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True Love

True Love (1989)
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Donna and Michael are getting married. But first, they have to plan the reception, get the tux, buy the rings, and cope with their own uncertainty about the decision. Michael fears ...
Directed by: Nancy Savoca
Duration : 104 min
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Starring: Annabella Sciorra, Ron Eldard, Aida Turturro
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Posed for Murder

Posed for Murder (1989)
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A model poses nude for men's magazines and acts in slasher movies. Her psycho bodybuilder boyfriend gets jealous and starts killing other men.
Directed by: Brian Thomas Jones
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Charlotte J. Helmkamp, Michael Merrins, Herb Farnham
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New York Stories

New York Stories (Life Lesson) (1989)
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A middle-aged artist obsessed with his pretty young assistant, a precocious 12 year old living in a hotel, and a neurotic lawyer with a possessive mother make up three stories.
Directed by: Woody Allen, Francis Ford Coppola
Duration : 124 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: Woody Allen, Nick Nolte, Rosanna Arquette
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Major League

Major League (1989)
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The new owner of the Cleveland Indians puts together a purposely horrible team so they'll lose and she can move the team. But when the plot is uncovered, they start winning just to spite her.
Directed by: David S. Ward
Duration : 107 min
Genre : Comedy, Sport
Starring: Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, Corbin Bernsen
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Homer and Eddie

Homer and Eddie (1989)
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A mentally disabled man gets help from a sociopath when he tries to reunite with his dying father, who years earlier disowned him.
Directed by: Andrey Konchalovskiy
Duration : 102 min
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama
Starring: Jim Belushi, Jim Mapp, John Waters
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Moonstalker (1989)
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A family of tourists vacationing in the woods and a group of camp counselors training in the same forest both find themselves being terrorized by a vicious unhinged psycho.
Directed by: Michael S. O'Rourke
Duration : 92 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Blake Gibbons, Ingrid Vold, John Marzilli
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Lords of the Deep

Lords of the Deep (1989)
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Man has finally conquered the ocean. America's first self-contained undersea laboratory is the pride of the nation, and expectations are high for an elaborate undersea mining operation. ...
Directed by: Mary Ann Fisher
Duration : 77 min
Genre : Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Bradford Dillman, Priscilla Barnes, Daryl Haney
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