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Narx (2011)
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Directed by: Alex Maisonette
Duration : 94 min
Genre : Action
Starring: Luis Agostini, Jay Alicea, John Barreiro
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Oliver's Ghost

Oliver's Ghost (2011)
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Anxious to explore the mysterious hidden world under metropolitan Berlin, an international group of four urban explorers hires a local guide...
Directed by: Andy Fetscher
Duration : 94 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Nathalie Kelley, Nick Eversman, Klaus Stiglmeier
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Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal

Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal (2011)
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Directed by: David Paul Meyer
Duration : 99 min
Genre : Comedy, Documentary
Starring: Trevor Noah
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Night Sights

Night Sights (2011)
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After losing his son, a grieving father stumbles upon a network of people that collect souls of the deceased, preparing them for their journey out of Purgatory.
Directed by: Matt Thompson
Duration : 89 min
Genre : Drama, Family, Sci-Fi
Starring: Jonathon Lamer, Beth Pennington, Tom Virtue
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Anthem (2011)
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A young writer and his attractive wife looking to climb the social ladder move to an affluent area outside of Scottsdale AZ. Little do they know... Once you say yes... it's hard to say no.
Directed by: Buzz Remde
Duration : 92 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Jose Rosete, Bob Rue, Laura Kobar
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Cougars, Inc.

Cougars, Inc. (2011)
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Sam has been expelled from every school and now he must find a creative way to pay for school, which he finds in an escort business entitled Cougars, Inc., leading to lessons he never expected to get.
Directed by: K. Asher Levin
Duration : 81 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Starring: Kyle Gallner, Sarah Hyland, James Belushi
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Bubblegum & Broken Fingers

Bubblegum & Broken Fingers (2011)
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"If you don't have your own plan, you'll damn sure be a part of someone else's." That quote kicks off the first of multiple story lines, in the crime ensemble "Bubblegum & Broken Fingers." ...
Directed by: Sean Jackson
Duration : 110 min
Genre : Crime, Drama, Western
Starring: Camme Tyla, Mandy Williams, Brenna Daly
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Family Band: The Cowsills Story

Family Band: The Cowsills Story (2011)
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The Cowsills are the real life inspiration behind The Partridge Family but The Cowsills' story is not a sitcom. Their story is raw and honest, tragic and beautiful. The Cowsills personify ...
Directed by: Bill Filipiak, Louise Palanker
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Biography, Documentary, Family, Music
Starring: Bill Cowsill, Bob Cowsill, Richard Cowsill
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Totem & Taboo

Totem & Taboo (2011)
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It's a story about a hunter who suffers from paranoia and hallucinations after hiding the accidental murder of an old hermit. This prevents him from keeping his passions repressed and makes...
Duration : 113 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Cameron Hartl, Joy Nyveen, Vanessa Pilon
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Termite: The Walls Have Eyes

Termite: The Walls Have Eyes (2011)
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A troubled young girl gets a job at a modeling school where she is tortured by the voices in her head and the sounds in the walls. Roman Polanski meets Roger Corman in this micro-budget ...
Directed by: John Walcutt
Duration : 75 min
Genre : Action, Drama, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Herb Astrow, Paul J. Ballin, Irene Carole
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The Return of Joe Rich

The Return of Joe Rich (2011)
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Joe believed in right and wrong until... His job outsourced to India. His teaser rate spiked. His wife bailed. But Joe has a get it all back, and more. Joe returns home, to the ...
Directed by: Sam Auster

Genre : Comedy, Drama
Starring: Sam Witwer, Armand Assante, Talia Shire
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A story that focuses on the problematic relationship between Paul Marseul, owner of a prestigious vineyard in Saint Emilion and his son, Martin, who works with him on the family estate. ...
Directed by: Gilles Legrand
Duration : 102 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Niels Arestrup, Lorànt Deutsch, Patrick Chesnais
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Raymond Did It

Raymond Did It (2011)
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Mentally challenged Raymond Rourke gets blamed and framed by several kids after they accidentally kill his younger brother Bryce. Six years later, Raymond escapes from the state mental ...
Directed by: Travis Legge
Duration : 83 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Linda Cieslik, Elissa Dowling, Steven Lee Edwards
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Apocalypse, CA

Apocalypse, CA (2011)
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Wry, cynical and full of off-beat humor, 'Apocalypse, CA' is the story of friends as they prepare for certain death at the hands of a massive asteroid, sex-inducing drugs, a three-hundred foot giant, and a horde of other absurd problems.
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