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Detonation! Violent Games (Bakuhatsu! Boso yugi) (1976)
Teruo Ishii's West Side Story, done as a bloody, violent, sexploitative biker gang film. It's the Red Chilis versus the Black Cats, and the chick who just may heal the divide.

Director :Teruo Ishii
Stars : Kôichi Iwaki, Yutaka Nakajima, Yumi Takigawa
The Old Bear Hunter (1982)
After an old man is attacked by a bear in the snowy mountains of northern Japan, he vows to hunt down the marauder.

Director :Toshio Gotô
Stars : Kô Nishimura, Junzaburô Ban, Mihoko Fujita
Dora (2017)
A vintage car has some haunting added features, which transform the life of a mild-mannered young woman.

Director :Dass Ramasamy
Stars : Nayanthara, Harish Uthaman, Thambi Ramayya
Green Dolphin Street (1947)
Sophie loved Edmund, but he left town when her parents forced her to marry wealthy Octavius. Years later, Edmund returns with his son, William. Sophie's daughter, Marguerite, and William ...

Director :Victor Saville
Stars : Van Heflin, Lana Turner, Donna Reed
Brake out (Ikidomari no Banka: Brake out) (1988)
Electric Dreams (1984)
An artificially intelligent PC and his human owner find themselves in a romantic rivalry over a woman.

Director :Steve Barron
Stars : Lenny von Dohlen, Virginia Madsen, Maxwell Caulfield
Snow White (Blanche Neige) (2009)
The Vernon Johns Story (1994)
Vernon Johns, a brilliant man coupled with an eloquent speaker, upsets his community through his radical ideas on social change and economic independence of blacks. From his pulpit, he ...

Director :Kenneth Fink
Stars : James Earl Jones, Mary Alice, Joe Seneca
Sugarcane shadows (Lonbraz Kann) (2014)
The close down of an old sugar mill in Mauritius, calls into question the lives of Marco and his friends, a group of former workmates in their mid fifties. In this country where sugar cane ...

Director :David Constantin
Stars : Raj Bumma Put, David Bhowaneedin, Nalini Aubeeluck
The Dragon Warrior (The One Warrior) (2011)
The One Warrior is a fantasy/action piece that is loosely based on video adventure games. In our story, the character of The One Warrior finds himself in a mythical world where he must ...

Director :Tom Stout
Stars : Dominic Keating, James Russo, Jason David Frank