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Christmas with Holly

Christmas with Holly (2012)
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A 6-year-old writes a letter to Santa Claus asking for a mother for Christmas, after her mother passes away.
Directed by: Allan Arkush
Year : 2012
Genre : Drama, Family
Starring: Catherine Bérubé, Wade Carroll, Dawn Cyr
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Maciste alla corte del Gran Khan

Maciste alla corte del Gran Khan (1961)
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Samson And The Seven Miracles Of The World (1961) aka Maciste alla corte del Gran Khan, Sam must rescue a beautiful Chinese princess from a marauding horde of warriors.
Directed by: Riccardo Freda
Year : 1961 | Duration : 80 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama
Starring: Gordon Scott, Yoko Tani, Hélène Chanel
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Scandalous (2012)
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Directed by: Aaron Williams
Year : 2012
Genre : Drama
Starring: Bobbie Johnson, Glenn Plummer, Veronica Rodriguez
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The Penguin King 3D

The Penguin King 3D (2012)
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Year : 2012 | Duration : 78 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama, Family
Starring: David Attenborough
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Directed by: Kwok-Leung Gan
Year : 2012 | Duration : 93 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: Janice Man, Chen Chang, Simon Yam
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Red Ridge

Red Ridge (2006)
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Red Ridge chronicles the scandalous true events currently taking place in small towns along the Texas/Mexico border...
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Borsalino and Co.

Borsalino and Co. (1974)
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Directed by: Jacques Deray
Year : 1974 | Duration : 110 min
Genre : Action, Crime, Drama
Starring: Alain Delon, Riccardo Cucciolla, Daniel Ivernel
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O.K. Garage

O.K. Garage (1998)
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Two best friends, Sean and Johnny, fall in love with school teacher Rachel, whose car breaks down all the time...
Directed by: Brandon Cole
Year : 1998 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Drama
Starring: Lili Taylor, Charles Santy, Olek Krupa
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Young Cassidy

Young Cassidy (1965)
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Biographical drama based on the early life of playwright Sean O'Casey, depicting his rise from the 1910 Dublin slums to the celebrated openings of his early plays...
Directed by: Jack Cardiff
Year : 1965 | Duration : 105 min
Genre : Drama, Biography
Starring: Rod Taylor, Julie Christie, Maggie Smith
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My Charlotte

My Charlotte (2009)
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A self medicated polymath believes he can alter his sanity, not realizing that his emotions are controlling him.
Directed by: Val Petrov
Year : 2009 | Duration : 6 min
Genre : Drama, Short
Starring: Matthew Currie Holmes, Val Petrov
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Black Thunder

Black Thunder (1998)
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When the top secret prototype of the Nova Stealth fighter has been stolen, the Pentagon launches big alarm; the plane shouldn't come into hostile hands...
Directed by: Rick Jacobson
Year : 1998 | Duration : 85 min
Genre : Action, Drama
Starring: Marcus Aurelius, Catherine Bell, Michael Cavanaugh
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Hana Surf Girls

Hana Surf Girls (2010)
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A unique documentary that takes audiences to Hana, a close-knit, isolated town on the east coast of...
Directed by: Russ Spencer
Year : 2010 | Duration : 84 min
Genre : Drama, Documentary
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The Ride

The Ride (1997)
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A has-been cowboy is given a second chance at the hands of an unexpected teacher.
Directed by: Michael O. Sajbel
Year : 1997 | Duration : 101 min
Genre : Drama, Family, Sport, Western
Starring: Michael Biehn, Brock Pierce, Charles Young
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Rowing with the Wind

Rowing with the Wind (1988)
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Original title: Remando al viento, The film is situated in the time when Mary Shelley wrote her novel "Frankenstein". It describes the relationship between Lord Byron...
Directed by: Gonzalo Suárez
Year : 1988 | Duration : 126 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Romance, Mystery
Starring: Hugh Grant, Lizzy McInnerny, Valentine Pelka
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Broken Vessels

Broken Vessels (1998)
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A young Pennsylvania man moves to Los Angeles to begin work for an ambulance service. There he is teamed...
Directed by: Scott Ziehl
Year : 1998 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Todd Field, Jason London, Roxana Zal
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