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A Cure for Wellness

A Cure for Wellness (2016)
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An ambitious young executive is sent to retrieve his company's CEO from an idyllic but mysterious "wellness center" at a remote location in the Swiss Alps, but soon suspects that the spa's treatments are not what they seem.
Directed by: Gore Verbinski
Year : 2016 | Duration : 146 min
Genre : Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth
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The Fields

The Fields (2011)
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Tells the story of a young boy and his family who are terrorized by an unseen presence.
Directed by: Tom Mattera, David Mazzoni
Year : 2011 | Duration : 100 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Tara Reid, Cloris Leachman, Brian Anthony Wilson
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Thirteen Days

Thirteen Days (2000)
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A dramatization of President Kennedy's administration's struggle to contain the Cuban Missile Crisis in October of 1962.
Directed by: Roger Donaldson
Year : 2000 | Duration : 145 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller, History
Starring: Kevin Costner, Bruce Greenwood, Shawn Driscoll
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The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor (2011)
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A young doctor goes to unconscionable extremes in order to remain in the service of a female patient with a kidney disorder.
Directed by: Lance Daly
Year : 2011 | Duration : 91 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Starring: Orlando Bloom, Riley Keough, Taraji P. Henson
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A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder (2005)
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When a hunter sent back to the prehistoric era runs off the path he must not leave, he causes a chain reaction that alters history in disastrous ways.
Directed by: Peter Hyams
Year : 2005 | Duration : 110 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Edward Burns, Ben Kingsley, Catherine McCormack
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The Fury

The Fury (1978)
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A government agent is determined to come to his son's rescue, when a sinister official kidnaps him to harbor his extremely powerful psychic abilities.
Directed by: Brian De Palma
Year : 1978 | Duration : 118 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Kirk Douglas, John Cassavetes, Carrie Snodgress
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The Demon Inside

The Demon Inside (2015)
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Years after his release from jail, Sam Parsons is trying to build the his life with his wife Courtney and their young daughter Harper. He works hard to provide for his family and afford ...
Directed by: Joey Moran
Year : 2015 | Duration : 95 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Joseph Rene, Lance Eakright, Madeline Thelton
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Tintorera: Killer Shark

Tintorera: Killer Shark (1977)
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Two shark hunters flirt with an attractive British lady while hunting down a large tiger shark terrorizing the Mexican East coast.
Directed by: René Cardona Jr.
Year : 1977 | Duration : 85 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller, Romance
Starring: Susan George, Hugo Stiglitz, Andrés García
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Evil Nanny

Evil Nanny (2016)
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A couple hires a live-in nanny to watch the offspring while they work. At first, everything goes perfectly, but when an unsafe incident means the parents no longer want the nanny around, ...
Directed by: Jared Cohn
Year : 2016 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Lindsay Elston, Nicole Sterling, Matthew Pohlkamp
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Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl

Sweet, Sweet Lonely Girl (2016)
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Soon after moving in with her aging aunt Dora, Adele meets Beth, seductive and mysterious, who tests the limits of Adele's moral ground and sends her spiraling down a psychologically unstable and phantasmagoric path.
Directed by: A.D. Calvo
Year : 2016 | Duration : 76 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Quinn Shephard, Erin Wilhelmi, Susan Kellermann
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Taken Too Far

Taken Too Far (2017)
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A jealous dance mom takes extreme measures to ensure her daughter wins a scholarship to an exclusive dance academy. But the victim's mother will do whatever necessary to protect her own daughter from the rival mom's evil scheme.
Directed by: Paul Lynch
Year : 2017 | Duration : 92 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Beverley Mitchell, Christina Cox, Paula Rivera
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Extortion (2017)
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When a Caribbean family vacation takes a disastrous turn, a father finds himself at the mercy of a cold-blooded fisherman, and a desperate race against the clock to save his wife and son.
Directed by: Phil Volken
Year : 2017 | Duration : 108 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Starring: Eion Bailey, Bethany Joy Lenz, Barkhad Abdi
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The Iron Curtain

The Iron Curtain (1948)
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The story of Soviet cypher-clerk Igor Gouzenko who was posted to the Soviet Embassy in Ottawa,Canada in 1943 and defected in 1945 to reveal the extent of Soviet espionage activities directed against Canada.
Directed by: William A. Wellman
Year : 1948 | Duration : 87 min
Genre : Crime, Thriller, Biography, History
Starring: Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, June Havoc
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The California Kid

The California Kid (1974)
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A deranged desert town sheriff has a murderous habit of forcing speeders to their deaths, until a young man with a souped-up hotrod arrives to possibly end it.
Directed by: Richard T. Heffron
Year : 1974 | Duration : 74 min
Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Martin Sheen, Vic Morrow, Michelle Phillips
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Mother's Day

Mother's Day (1980)
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When you go into the woods today, you're in for a big surprise. When you go into the woods today you're not going to believe your eyes. But it ain't no "teddy bear picnic". Three girls ...
Directed by: Charles Kaufman
Year : 1980 | Duration : 90 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Tiana Pierce, Nancy Hendrickson, Deborah Luce
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