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The Palm Beach Story

The Palm Beach Story (1942)
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An inventor needs cash to develop his big idea. His wife, who loves him, decides to raise it for him by divorcing him and marrying a millionaire.
Directed by: Preston Sturges
Duration : 88 min
Genre : Comedy, Romance
Starring: Claudette Colbert, Joel McCrea, Mary Astor
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Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights (1942)
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The caliph of Baghdad must go into hiding with a group of traveling performers when his brother usurps the throne. Both brothers desire a beautiful dancing girl, who is torn between power and true love.
Directed by: John Rawlins
Duration : 86 min
Genre : Action, Adventure
Starring: Jon Hall, Maria Montez, Sabu
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Went the Day Well?

Went the Day Well? (1942)
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An English village is occupied by disguised German paratroopers as an advance post for a planned invasion.
Directed by: Alberto Cavalcanti
Duration : 92 min
Genre : Thriller, War
Starring: Leslie Banks, C.V. France, Valerie Taylor
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Kings Row

Kings Row (1942)
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The dark side and hypocrisy of provincial American life is seen through the eyes of five children as they grow to adulthood at the turn-of-the-century.
Directed by: Sam Wood
Duration : 127 min
Genre : Drama, Romance, Mystery
Starring: Ann Sheridan, Robert Cummings, Ronald Reagan
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The Boogie Man Will Get You

The Boogie Man Will Get You (1942)
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A young divorcee tries to convert a historic house into a hotel despite its oddball inhabitants and dead bodies in the cellar.
Directed by: Lew Landers
Duration : 66 min
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Starring: Boris Karloff, Peter Lorre, Maxie Rosenbloom
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One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

One of Our Aircraft Is Missing (1942)
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When Nazi anti-aircraft fire damages a British bomber, its crew bails out and seeks help from the Dutch underground.
Directed by: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger
Duration : 102 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, War
Starring: Godfrey Tearle, Eric Portman, Hugh Williams
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The Corpse Vanishes

The Corpse Vanishes (1942)
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A scientist, aided by an old hag & her two sons - a malicious dwarf and a brutish moron, kills virgin brides, steals their bodies, & extracts gland fluid to keep his ancient wife alive and young.
Directed by: Wallace Fox
Duration : 64 min
Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: Bela Lugosi, Luana Walters, Tristram Coffin
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Saboteur (1942)
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Aircraft factory worker Barry Kane goes on the run across the United States when he is wrongly accused of starting a fire that killed his best friend.
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Duration : 109 min
Genre : Action, Thriller
Starring: Priscilla Lane, Robert Cummings, Otto Kruger
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Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn (1942)
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At an inn which is only open on holidays, a crooner and a hoofer vie for the affections of a beautiful up-and-coming performer.
Directed by: Mark Sandrich
Duration : 100 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Musical, Romance
Starring: Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds
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Across the Pacific

Across the Pacific (1942)
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Rick Leland makes no secret of the fact he has no loyalty to his home country after he is court-marshaled out of the army and boards a Japanese ship for the Orient in late 1941. But has ...
Directed by: John Huston
Duration : 97 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, Romance, War
Starring: Humphrey Bogart, Mary Astor, Sydney Greenstreet
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The Ghost of Frankenstein

The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942)
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When Ygor brings the Monster to Dr. Ludwig Frankenstein for care, Ludwig gets the idea of replacing the Monster's current criminal brain with a normal one.
Directed by: Erle C. Kenton
Duration : 67 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: Cedric Hardwicke, Lon Chaney Jr., Ralph Bellamy
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The Talk of the Town

The Talk of the Town (1942)
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An escaped prisoner and a stuffy law professor vie for the hand of a spirited schoolteacher.
Directed by: George Stevens
Duration : 118 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Thriller, Romance
Starring: Cary Grant, Jean Arthur, Ronald Colman
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Bambi (1942)
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The story of a young deer growing up in the forest.
Directed by: James Algar, Samuel Armstrong
Duration : 70 min
Genre : Animation, Drama, Family
Starring: Hardie Albright, Stan Alexander, Bobette Audrey
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Saludos Amigos

Saludos Amigos (1942)
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Disney animators tour South America and present four animated shorts inspired by their trip.
Directed by: Wilfred Jackson, Jack Kinney
Duration : 42 min
Genre : Animation, Fantasy, Family, Short, Music
Starring: Fred Shields, José Oliveira, Pinto Colvig
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Lågor i dunklet

Lågor i dunklet (1942)
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In this obvious forerunner to
Directed by: Hasse Ekman
Duration : 94 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Starring: Edvin Adolphson, Stig Järrel, Inga Tidblad
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