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The departure of the German army from Paris in 1944.
Directed by: René Clément
Duration : 175 min
Genre : Drama, History, War
Starring: Jean-Paul Belmondo, Charles Boyer, Leslie Caron
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Au Hasard Balthazar

Au Hasard Balthazar (1966)
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The story of a mistreated donkey and the people around him. A study on saintliness and a sister piece to Bresson's Mouchette.
Directed by: Robert Bresson
Duration : 95 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Anne Wiazemsky, Walter Green, François Lafarge
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The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini

The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini (1966)
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A corpse has 24 hours to mastermind a good deed without leaving his crypt, to go "up there" and have his youth restored.
Directed by: Don Weis
Duration : 82 min
Genre : Comedy, Horror, Musical
Starring: Tommy Kirk, Deborah Walley, Aron Kincaid
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Carry on Cowboy

Carry on Cowboy (1966)
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Stodge City is in the grip of the Rumpo Kid and his gang. Mistaken identity again takes a hand as a "sanitary engineer" (plumber) by the name of Marshal P. Knutt is mistaken for a law marshal! Being the conscientious sort, Marshal tries to help the town get rid of Rumpo, and a showdown is inevitable. Marshal has two aids - revenge-seeking Annie Oakley and his sanitary expertise...
Directed by: Gerald Thomas
Duration : 93 min
Genre : Comedy, Western
Starring: Kenneth Williams, Sid James, Jim Dale
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Road to Saint Tropez

Road to Saint Tropez (1966)
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Directed by: Michael Sarne
Duration : 31 min
Genre : Comedy, Short
Starring: Melissa Stribling, Udo Kier, Gabriella Licudi
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An experimental lab animal called a gargantua escapes from his captors and is suspected to be the creature that is killing people all over the countryside. But when the gargantua from the ...
Directed by: Ishirô Honda
Duration : 88 min
Genre : Action, Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: Russ Tamblyn, Kumi Mizuno, Kenji Sahara
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In Hungary, the national movement led by Kossuth has been crushed and the Austrian hegemony re-established, but partisans carry on with violent actions. In order to root out the guerilla, ...
Directed by: Miklós Jancsó
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Drama, History, War
Starring: János Görbe, Zoltán Latinovits, Tibor Molnár
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Stagecoach (1966)
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A group of unlikely traveling companions find themselves on the same stagecoach to Cheyenne. They include a drunken doctor, a bar girl who's been thrown out of town, a professional gambler,...
Directed by: Gordon Douglas
Duration : 115 min
Genre : Western
Starring: Ann-Margret, Red Buttons, Mike Connors
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Torn Curtain

Torn Curtain (1966)
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An American scientist publicly defects to East Germany as part of a cloak and dagger mission to find the solution for a formula resin and then figuring out a plan to escape back to the West.
Directed by: Alfred Hitchcock
Duration : 128 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: Paul Newman, Julie Andrews, Lila Kedrova
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Transfer (1966)
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A psychiatrist, referred to only as Doctor, is living alone in a snowy field surrounded by pine woods. When a former patient named Ralph appears, the Doctor is distraught. Ralph has been following him obsessively.
Directed by: David Cronenberg
Duration : 7 min
Genre : Short
Starring: Rafe Macpherson, Mort Ritts
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Georgy Girl

Georgy Girl (1966)
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A homely but vivacious young woman dodges the amorous attentions of her father's middle-aged employer while striving to capture some of the glamorous life of her swinging London roommate.
Directed by: Silvio Narizzano
Duration : 99 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: James Mason, Alan Bates, Lynn Redgrave
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A bounty hunting scam joins two men in an uneasy alliance against a third in a race to find a fortune in gold buried in a remote cemetery.
Directed by: Sergio Leone
Duration : 161 min
Genre : Adventure, Crime, Western
Starring: Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, Lee Van Cleef
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Navajo Joe

Navajo Joe (1966)
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The sole survivor of a bloody massacre vows revenge on his attackers and on the men who killed his wife.
Directed by: Sergio Corbucci
Duration : 93 min
Genre : Western
Starring: Burt Reynolds, Aldo Sambrell, Nicoletta Machiavelli
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The Endless Summer

The Endless Summer (1966)
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The crown jewel to ten years of Bruce Brown surfing documentaries. Brown follows two young surfers around the world in search of the perfect wave, and ends up finding quite a few in addition to some colorful local characters.
Directed by: Bruce Brown
Duration : 95 min
Genre : Documentary, Sport
Starring: Robert August, Michael Hynson, Lord James Blears
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Modesty Blaise

Modesty Blaise (1966)
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Modesty Blaise, a secret agent whose hair color, hair style, and mod clothing change at a snap of her fingers is being used by the British government as a decoy in an effort to thwart a ...
Directed by: Joseph Losey
Duration : 119 min
Genre : Comedy
Starring: Monica Vitti, Terence Stamp, Dirk Bogarde
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