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Ghosts of Hanley House

Ghosts of Hanley House (1968)
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Five people are spending the night in a haunted house. Things get dicey when some of them start turning up decapitated.
Directed by: Louise Sherrill
Duration : 85 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Elsie Baker, Barbara Chase, Wilkie de Martel
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Sergio (Sergio Corrieri), through his life following the departure of his wife, parents and friends in the wake of the Bay of Pigs incident. Alone in a brave new world, Sergio observes the ...
Directed by: Tomás Gutiérrez Alea
Duration : 97 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Sergio Corrieri, Daisy Granados, Eslinda Núñez
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Where Eagles Dare

Where Eagles Dare (1968)
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Allied agents stage a daring raid on a castle where the Nazis are holding an American General prisoner... but that's not all that's really going on.
Directed by: Brian G. Hutton
Duration : 158 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Drama, War
Starring: Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, Mary Ure
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In 1968, Ogawa decided to form Ogawa Productions and locate it at the newly announced construction site of Narita International Airport in a district called Sanrizuka. Ogawa chose to locate his company in the most radical of the villages, Heta....
Directed by: Shinsuke Ogawa
Duration : 108 min
Genre : Documentary
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Genocide (1968)
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All the insects on Earth become wild and attack humans, causing Armageddon.
Directed by: Kazui Nihonmatsu
Duration : 84 min
Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: Keisuke Sonoi, Yûsuke Kawazu, Emi Shindô
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If.... (1968)
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In this allegorical story, a revolution lead by pupil Mick Travis takes place at an old established private school in England.
Directed by: Lindsay Anderson
Duration : 111 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Malcolm McDowell, David Wood, Richard Warwick
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Country girl Nadia moves to the city and becomes a maid in Valya's apartment. Valya, who is a member of the local District Committee, does not know that Nadia fell in love with her ...
Directed by: Kira Muratova
Duration : 96 min
Genre : Drama, Romance
Starring: Nina Ruslanova, Vladimir Vysotskiy, Kira Muratova
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Caballo prieto azabache

Caballo prieto azabache (1968)
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Jesus is a horse breeder, providing the federals and the revolutionists with horses during the revolution, trying his best to steer clear of politics of which he has little interest. ...
Directed by: René Cardona
Duration : 85 min
Genre : Adventure, Drama, War
Starring: Antonio Aguilar, Flor Silvestre, Jaime Fernández
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Pat Neal Is Back

Pat Neal Is Back (1968)
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A promotional short for The Subject Was Roses (1968) focusing on Patricia Neal's return to movies three years after suffering a near-fatal stroke; includes interviews with the star and footage of her at work on the film.
Directed by: Edward Beyer
Duration : 9 min
Genre : Documentary, Short
Starring: Patricia Neal, Jack Albertson, Ulu Grosbard
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A mute gunslinger faces off against a gang of bounty hunters in the great blizzard of 1899, and a grim, tense struggle unfolds.
Directed by: Sergio Corbucci
Duration : 105 min
Genre : Drama, Western
Starring: Jean-Louis Trintignant, Klaus Kinski, Frank Wolff
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A mysterious gunfighter named Django is employed by a local crooked political boss as a hangman to execute innocent locals framed by the boss, who wants their land. What the boss doesn't ...
Directed by: Ferdinando Baldi
Duration : 88 min
Genre : Action, Western
Starring: Terence Hill, Horst Frank, George Eastman
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Pretty Poison

Pretty Poison (1968)
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When a mentally disturbed young man tells a pretty girl that he's a secret agent, she believes him, and murder and mayhem ensue.
Directed by: Noel Black
Duration : 89 min
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Thriller, Romance
Starring: Anthony Perkins, Tuesday Weld, Beverly Garland
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A popular painter, plagued by nightmares that he and his lover/sales agent are engaging in bizarre, ritualistic, sadistic sexual acts, seeks to escape the city and rent a house in the country.
Directed by: Elio Petri
Duration : 106 min
Genre : Drama, Horror
Starring: Franco Nero, Vanessa Redgrave, Georges Géret
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The Satanist

The Satanist (1968)
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A young couple's marriage becomes threatened when an attractive female occultist enters their lives, enticing them into a strange world of drugs, sex, and satanic rites.
Directed by: Zoltan G. Spencer
Duration : 64 min
Genre : Horror
Starring: Pat Barrington, Mary Bauer
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Charly (1968)
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An intellectually disabled man undergoes an experiment that gives him the intelligence of a genius.
Directed by: Ralph Nelson
Duration : 103 min
Genre : Drama, Romance, Sci-Fi
Starring: Cliff Robertson, Claire Bloom, Lilia Skala
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