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Given up for adoption as a toddler, troubled teenager Thomas becomes obsessed with tracking down his birth mother. After years of searching, Thomas finds her single, with a small child, ...
Directed by: Claude Miller, Nathan Miller
Duration : 91 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Vincent Rottiers, Sophie Cattani, Christine Citti
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Strigoi: The Undead

Strigoi: The Undead (2009)
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When the villagers killed Constantin Tirescu, they thought it was justice. Vlad Cozma thinks it was murder. Now Constantin thinks pickles might go nice with blood.
Directed by: Faye Jackson
Duration : 105 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Horror
Starring: Catalin Paraschiv, Rudy Rosenfeld, Constantin Barbulescu
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Forests of Mystery

Forests of Mystery (2009)
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College students Dewey Lansing and Jeff Collins are on a quest to discover the truth behind what's really going on in the deep woods of the Tillamook Forest - because something strange definitely is.
Directed by: Robert C. Bruce
Duration : 60 min
Genre : Adventure, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Jim Becker, Michael Biesanz, Matt Ediger
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A research expedition to the Arctic discovers that a melting polar ice cap has released a deadly prehistoric parasite.
Directed by: Mark A. Lewis
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Val Kilmer, Alexandra Staseson, Brad Dryborough
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A semi-autobiographical story about Dolan as a young homosexual at odds with his mother.
Directed by: Xavier Dolan
Duration : 96 min
Genre : Drama, Biography
Starring: Anne Dorval, Xavier Dolan, François Arnaud
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Second Coming

Second Coming (2009)
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A young woman must find the murderer of her twin sister, following clues that her dead sister leaves from beyond the grave.
Directed by: Jose Zambrano Cassella
Duration : 89 min
Genre : Action, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Juliet Reeves, Greg Thompson, Annie Maleski
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Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant

Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant (2009)
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Teenager, Darren Shan, meets a mysterious man at a freak show who turns out to be a Vampire. After a series of events Darren must leave his normal life and go on the road with the Cirque Du Freak and become a Vampire.
Directed by: Paul Weitz
Duration : 109 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller
Starring: Chris Massoglia, John C. Reilly, Salma Hayek
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Heartless (2009)
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Jamie Morgan, a young man with a large heart-shaped birthmark on his face, discovers that there are demons on the streets of East London.
Directed by: Philip Ridley
Duration : 114 min
Genre : Drama, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Jim Sturgess, Luke Treadaway, Clémence Poésy
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Within the Whirlwind

Within the Whirlwind (2009)
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During Stalin's reign of terror, Evgenia Ginzburg, a literature professor, was sent to 10 years hard labor in a gulag in Siberia. Having lost everything, and no longer wishing to live, she meets the camp doctor and begins to come back to life.
Directed by: Marleen Gorris
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Drama, Biography
Starring: Emily Watson, Pam Ferris, Ian Hart
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After.Life (2009)
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A young woman caught between life and death... and a funeral director who appears to have the gift of transitioning the dead, but might just be intent on burying her alive.
Directed by: Agnieszka Wojtowicz-Vosloo
Duration : 104 min
Genre : Drama, Horror, Thriller, Mystery
Starring: Christina Ricci, Liam Neeson, Justin Long
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Knife Edge

Knife Edge (2009)
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A successful Wall Street trader returns to England with her new husband and five-year-old son, but their new start together turns into a nightmare when they move into a country house which contains a terrible secret.
Directed by: Anthony Hickox
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Hugh Bonneville, Natalie Press, Matthieu Boujenah
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New York, I Love You

New York, I Love You (2009)
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An anthology film joining several love stories set in one of the most loved cities of the world, New York.
Directed by: Fatih Akin, Yvan Attal
Duration : 103 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Natalie Portman, Bradley Cooper
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Doghouse (2009)
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A group of men head to a remote village to help one of their friends get over his divorce; when they get there, though, they discover that all the women have been infected with a virus that makes them man-hating cannibals.
Directed by: Jake West
Duration : 89 min
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Starring: Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke, Emil Marwa
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The Cell 2

The Cell 2 (2009)
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The Cusp is a serial killer who kills his victims and then brings them back to life; over and over again; until they beg to die...
Directed by: Tim Iacofano
Duration : 94 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller, Sci-Fi
Starring: Tessie Santiago, Chris Bruno, Frank Whaley
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The Killers: Live from the Royal Albert Hall

The Killers: Live from the Royal Albert Hall (2009)
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In July, 2009, the Killers set out to create a gift for their fans...a spectacular concert experience, at a uniquely majestic venue, featuring their greatest songs - filmed with pristine ...
Directed by: Dick Carruthers
Duration : 104 min
Genre : Documentary, Music
Starring: The Killers, Jeremy Bates, Brandon Flowers
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