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This is the story of three brave women; Patria, Minerva, and Maria Teresa, they were known as the Mirabal Sisters...
Directed by: Juan Delancer
Duration : 116 min
Genre : Drama, History
Starring: Michelle Rodriguez, Juan Fernández, Sergio Carlo
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An adventure set in the early part of the 20th century and focused on a popular novelist and her dealings with would-be suitors, the cops, monsters, and other distractions.
Directed by: Luc Besson
Duration : 107 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
Starring: Louise Bourgoin, Mathieu Amalric, Gilles Lellouche
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Six (Die) (2010)
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Lisa, a gambler who lives for the cards. Robert, a millionaire philanthropist, Mark (Elias Kostas), a cop reaching the end of a gruesome career...
Directed by: Dominic James
Duration : 91 min
Genre : Thriller
Starring: John Pyper-Ferguson, Emily Hampshire, Caterina Murino
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A talented but troubled Edo Period swordsman, Kanemi Sanzawmon. Three years earlier, Kanemi killed a woman, Renko, the corrupt mistress of the powerful daimyo Tabu Ukyou. Unexpectedly, ...
Directed by: Hideyuki Hirayama
Duration : 114 min
Genre : Action, History
Starring: Etsushi Toyokawa, Chizuru Ikewaki, Kôji Kikkawa
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Fair Game

Fair Game (2010)
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CIA operative Valerie Plame discovers her identity is allegedly leaked by the government as payback for an op-ed article her husband wrote criticizing the Bush administration.
Directed by: Doug Liman
Duration : 108 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller, Biography
Starring: Naomi Watts, Sean Penn, Sonya Davison
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The Piano in a Factory

The Piano in a Factory (Gang de qin) (2010)
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To fight for custody of his daughter who loves playing the piano, a steel factory worker decides to forge a piano from scratch.
Directed by: Meng Zhang, Bo Gao
Duration : 119 min
Genre : Comedy, Drama
Starring: Qianyuan Wang, Yongzhen Guo, Shin-yeong Jang
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Cuba: The Accidental Eden

Cuba: The Accidental Eden (2010)
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Duration : 60 min
Genre : Documentary, Family
Starring: Sebastian Arcelus, Lisa Carter, Ron McClary
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A Walk in My Shoes

A Walk in My Shoes (2010)
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Ever judge someone just by looking at them? Of course, weve all made snap judgments about people. But what if we really got to know them... 
Directed by: John Kent Harrison
Duration : 95 min
Genre : Drama
Starring: Nancy Travis, Philip Winchester, Yara Martinez
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Dinoshark (2010)
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A baby dinoshark evolves into a ferocious predatory adult, terrorising tourists and locals offshore from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.
Directed by: Kevin O'Neill
Duration : 92 min
Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: Eric Balfour, Iva Hasperger, Aarón Díaz
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Seven years after the apparent death of Chen Zhen, who was shot after discovering who was responsible for his teacher's death (Huo Yuanjia) in Japanese-occupied Shanghai...
Directed by: Wai-keung Lau
Duration : 105 min
Genre : Action, Drama, History
Starring: Donnie Yen, Alex Ahlstrom, Qi Shu
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Ong Bak 3

Ong Bak 3 (2010)
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Ong Bak 3 picks up where Ong Bak 2 had left off. Tien is captured and almost beaten to death before he is saved and brought back to the Kana Khone villagers...
Directed by: Tony Jaa, Panna Rittikrai
Duration : 99 min
Genre : Action
Starring: Tony Jaa, Dan Chupong, Sarunyu Wongkrachang
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Dinocroc vs. Supergator

Dinocroc vs. Supergator (Volcanic) (2010)
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An unscrupulous biotech corporation run by the shady Jason Drake creates two gigantic reptiles in a secret island laboratory. Things go awry when the ravenous beasts escape from the lab. ...
Directed by: Jim Wynorski
Duration : 87 min
Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi
Starring: David Carradine, Rib Hillis, Amy Holt
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Devolved (2010)
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Devolved is a racy teen satire that follows a group of high schoolers on an ill-fated whale watching trip who find themselves stranded on a deserted island off the Mexican Coast.
Directed by: John Cregan

Genre : Comedy
Starring: Gary Entin, Lindsey Shaw, Robert Adamson
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A young California screenwriter and his composer girlfriend exchange their Echo Park home for a sprawling Tudor mansion near Glastonbury, England, in the hope of finding creative ...
Directed by: Mark Ezra
Duration : 84 min
Genre : Horror, Thriller
Starring: Nathan Nolan, Evie Brodie, Simon Dutton
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Ground Zero

Ground Zero (2010)
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A small group of 'cleaners' are hired to clean up five dead bodies in an old warehouse, only find out that one of the bodies isn't quite dead.
Directed by: Channing Lowe
Duration : 87 min
Genre : Comedy, Horror
Starring: Mike Langer, Sahna Foley, D.L. Walker
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