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Friends of Mine

Friends of Mine (2013)
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Friends of Mine is a feature length documentary that chronicles the experiences of several young men who take part in a summer camp for the developmentally disabled population. The goal of ...
Directed by: Matthew Palmer
Duration : 62 min
Genre : Drama, Documentary
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Euphonia (2013)
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The film follows the story of a high schooler, played by Madden's younger brother Will, who purchases a sound recording device in search of better sounds in his life, and slowly becomes ...
Directed by: Danny Madden
Duration : 54 min
Genre : Drama, Thriller
Starring: Maria Decotis, Will Madden, Benjamin Papac
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The Marine 3: Homefront

The Marine 3: Homefront (2013)
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A Marine must do whatever it takes to save his kidnapped niece and stop a terrorist attack masterminded by a radical militia group.
Directed by: Scott Wiper
Duration : 86 min
Genre : Action
Starring: Neal McDonough, Ashley Bell, Ben Cotton
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Nightfall: Second World III

Nightfall: Second World III (2013)
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Cadence Simon (Perinda Lowe), Conner Chase (Brendan O'Donnell) and Charles 'Ruckus' Sisper (Altorro Prince Black) journey to the location of a secret cult compound in search of two of their...
Directed by: Otis Lowe
Duration : 87 min
Genre : Action, Horror
Starring: Barrence Anthony, Nyah Anthony, Paris Anthony
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Chastity Bites

Chastity Bites (2013)
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In the early 1600's, Countess Elizabeth Bathory slaughtered more than 600 young women, believing if she bathed in the blood of virgins that she would stay young and beautiful forever. Still...
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Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright

Scooby-Doo! Stage Fright (2013)
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The mystery inc. head to Chicago for a show called Talent Star, hosted by Brick Pimiento. Upon arrival, they discovered that the opera house in which the show will be held is haunted by a ...
Directed by: Victor Cook
Duration : 75 min
Genre : Adventure, Animation, Family
Starring: Isabella Acres, Troy Baker, Eric Bauza
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Beneath (2013)
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Six high school seniors celebrating with day's excursion find themselves on rowboat attacked by man-eating fish and must decide who must be sacrificed as they fight their way back to shore.
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An old solitary woman feels the urge to go outside and feel again.
Directed by: Mihaela Popescu
Duration : 15 min
Genre : Drama, Short
Starring: Sergiu Costache, Ion Grosu, Valeria Seciu
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Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie

Cheech & Chong's Animated Movie (2013)
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You're not hallucinating (but they are)... It's the legendary toker jokers Cheech & Chong as you've never seen them before -- in their very first Animated Movie. Catch the buzz as their ...
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Mission Antarctic

Mission Antarctic (2013)
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Mission Antarctic is the story of an expedition to the world's end for Xavier de Le Rue, multiple freeride world champion and former olympian, along with Lucas Debari in search of a new paradise for steep riding.
Duration : 39 min
Genre : Short
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Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots (2013)
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A queen who lost three kingdoms. A wife who lost three husbands. A woman who lost her head.
Directed by: Thomas Imbach
Duration : 119 min
Genre : Drama, Biography, Romance
Starring: Camille Rutherford, Sean Biggerstaff, Aneurin Barnard
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Exit to Hell

Exit to Hell (Sickle) (2013)
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A group of stick-up kids rob a mafia run strip club and head for the border but when they enter the town of Redstone, they find that crime is a dish best served cold! Kane Hodder (Friday ...
Directed by: Robert Conway
Duration : 81 min
Genre : Action, Horror, Thriller
Starring: Kane Hodder, Tiffany Shepis, Rena Riffel
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Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway

Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway (2013)
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Thomas discovers mysteries of the past and must help a new friend, save a ruined castle and may even find some treasure when Sir Robert Norramby comes to the Island of Sodor.
Directed by: Rob Silvestri
Duration : 62 min
Genre : Animation, Family
Starring: Mark Moraghan, David Bedella, Jules de Jongh
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Inspired by real events, this is a black comedy about 20 years of history of Sicily from 1970s to 1990s, mocking Mafia Bosses and restoring the generosity of the heroes of Antimafia. It's ...
Directed by: Pif
Duration : 90 min
Genre : Comedy, Crime
Starring: Cristiana Capotondi, Pif, Alex Bisconti
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Legend of the Red Reaper

Legend of the Red Reaper (2013)
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For a thousand years, the Reapers guarded mankind from the demons that wait in the dark. Now, at the beginning of a new age, the Reapers are betrayed and slaughtered. Only one Reaper remains - Red, and she's out to exact revenge.
Directed by: Tara Cardinal
Duration : 99 min
Genre : Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance
Starring: Tara Cardinal, David Mackey, Ray Eddy
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